Psalm 105:1-5

“Bless the Eternal, oh my soul, let all my being bless His sacred name; bless the Eternal, oh my soul, remember all His benefits; He pardons all your sins, and all your sicknesses He heals, He saves your life from death, He crowns you with His love and pity, He gives you all your heart’s desire, renewing your youth like an eagle’s.” Psalm 103:1-5, Moffat Translation

You Don’t Have To Live With Guilt

“God doesn’t want you living with a heavy guilt trip about all the irresponsibility in your life. Guilt destroys your confidence, damages your relationships, keeps you stuck in the past, and even hurts your health. I read a report a few years back that said 70 percent of people in the hospital could leave if they knew how to resolve their guilt. God wants far better for your life than that. You don’t want to live with guilt. And here’s an important truth to always hang on to: You don’t have to. God wants you to live with a sense of promise and hope. God can even bring good out of the stupid decisions that you’ve made in your life if you’ll give those failures to him. How do you do that? Admit to God you’ve made a mistake. It doesn’t surprise him. And it won’t change His perception of you. I hope you’ll take this step today. When you do, here’s what you can expect from God. 1. God forgives instantly. The very moment you admit your sin to God, He forgives you. 2. God forgives freely. You don’t need to earn it, and you’ll never deserve it. 3. God forgives completely. He wipes your sin absolutely clean. If you’re mired in guilt and shame, you’ll likely perpetuate whatever problem you have. You’ll tell yourself that you blew it, so you’re bad. Since you’re bad, you believe you’ll blow it again. It’s a nasty cycle from which we often can’t seem to escape — at least not on our own. You need a power beyond yourself. You need a Savior. You need Jesus.” —–An excerpt from Pastor Rick Warren’s Daily Hope

Change Your Wardrobe

“God wants to change your wardrobe. He wants to give you FREEDOM through a divine trade-in. Here’s His proposition: 1. Beauty for ashes! Ashes are just the cold, dead remnants of what is left of what the devil stole from you and destroyed. God is going to give you back what the enemy took from you, and much more. 2. The oil of joy for mourning! Mourning is what you do when you lose something, your marriage, your relationship with a child, your home, your health, your job. God’s going to restore to you what was lost, and even more. 3. The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness! In the original translation of Isaiah 61, the ‘garment of praise’ really means a ‘covering of celebration’! Did you catch that? You’re in for a wardrobe change!” —–An excerpt from Rod Parsley’s daily emails

Know Him As Daddy

“For (the Spirit which) you have now received (is) not a spirit of slavery to put you once more in bondage to fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption – the Spirit producing sonship – in (the bliss of) which we cry, Abba! (That is,) Father!” (Rom. 8:15 AMP). One night after a worship service a friend of mine and I stepped outside and were suddenly awed by the beauty around us. It was one of those crisp, clear winter nights when the brilliance of the moon and stars nearly takes your breath away. I said to my friend, ‘Tommy, will you look at that!’ Then he looked up with one of those Holy Spirit whole face smiles and with a voice full of tenderness said, ‘My Daddy made that!’ ‘My Daddy….’ I’ll never forget the way he said that. Some people might think he shouldn’t have been talking in such familiar terms about God, but they’d be wrong. It’s scriptural to talk that way about Him. In the New Testament there’s a Greek word for father – Abba. The most accurate translation for that word in English is ‘Daddy’. It’s a word that signifies closeness. It speaks of a relationship that’s been developed through time spent together.’Father’ is one thing. ‘Daddy’ is another. Growing up, my father was sometimes my “Father” and sometimes my “Daddy.” When we were out duck hunting, he was ‘Daddy.’ When he gave commands he meant to be obeyed instantly, he was ‘Father.’ God is like that, too. He’s your Father and He’s your Daddy. There are times you’ll be very serious and down to business with one another. Other times you’ll be more lighthearted. But either way, once you fellowship with Him enough to get to know Him, I guarantee, you’ll want to be close to Him all the time.” ——An excerpt from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s “Faith to Faith Devotional”

Be A Carrier Of His Light

Yesterday after a period of worship, the Lord spoke a beautiful word to me. I want to share it with you today because it so blessed me. He told me that I was a carrier of His Light. I told Him I want to be. Then He said this. “You are. When you send your website to the prisoners, you are a carrier of My Light to them. You are a carrier every time you post a new message. Every time you give out a card, you’re spreading My Light. Every time you minister to someone, you carry My Light. Every time you walk in My Love, My Light is spread. Every time you ask someone if they know Me or if they’re a Christian, you are a witness for Me.” Are you a carrier of His Light?

What Is a Your Greatest Ability?

“We all have abilities — even if at times we need others to point them out to us. But do you know what your greatest ability is? Responsibility. Responsibility is your ability to respond to life. It’s what makes you human — and it’s a gift from God. Much of your life hasn’t been in your control. You didn’t choose where you would be born. You didn’t choose who your parents would be. You didn’t choose how your parents would raise you. You didn’t choose the unique gifts and talents you would bring into the world. Responsibility is how you handle everything else. God has given you the freedom to respond to what comes your way. How you respond to what life throws at you impacts your life more than any other factor. In fact, in many ways, life is a test of how we handle responsibility. We spend only a fraction of our lives on this side of eternity. God doesn’t care about our achievements while we’re here on this earth. He cares about our character. Our lives today are mere warm-up acts for what’s to come. God is testing your responsibility for what’s going to happen later on. God put you on this earth primarily for two reasons: to know him personally and to develop character. In the past three to four decades, we’ve seen a steep decrease in responsibility throughout our culture. Many in our world live by the motto, “I’m not responsible for anything. It’s not my fault.” That view is in stark contract with what the Bible says: “Live life, then, with a due sense of responsibility, not as men who do not know the meaning and purpose of life but as those who do” (Ephesians 5:15 Phillips). If you’re a follower of Jesus, you know that He is the one who gives meaning in this life.” —-An excerpt from Pastor Rick Warren’s Daily Hope

Mornings With The Holy Spirit

“Whatever your profession or how do you spend your days, Daddy-God longs to have breakfast with you. He wants to join you as you sip your coffee or eat your breakfast. Whatever you prefer for breakfast, let’s spend the first hours of the morning with the Lord. The Bible says, the Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He wakens me morning by morning; he awakens my ear to hear as the learned.’ (ISA.50:4 NKJV). Every day, you have a standing invitation to spend time with Daddy-God. When God awakens you,He has plans for your day. The above verse explains, God wants to make you His spokesperson in your workplace, neighborhood, and family. Morning by morning, He’ll give you wisdom, new instructions, and prophetic words to motivate you when you’re weary or need encouragement. God also wants to commune with you daily and have conversations with you that leave you inspired and renewed. Many people cry out to God, but how many can honestly say they devote themselves daily do communing with the Holy Spirit. Yet the Father sent Jesus to live among his people and allows the Holy Spirit to live in us every day. The Holy Spirit provides direction, guidance, and understanding of calling and purpose, and He brings us into all truth – including the truth about our Savior and King. (see John 16:13). God is speaking more to His people than ever before. Are we willing to hear Him whispering in our ears each day? God wants to be your breakfast companion. Not only does He want an invitation to have breakfast with you, but lunch and even dinner.” —-An excerpt from ” Heaven Declares: Prophetic Decrees To Start Your Day” by Hakeem Collins

Perfecting The Perfect

“In Philippians, Paul said, ‘One thing I do… I press on’. He then said, ‘As many as are perfect have this attitude’. You’d think that if you’re perfect then you’ve arrived, because perfection is about getting to the full state, or becoming complete. Yet, he’s saying that all who are perfect have to have the attitude that they haven’t yet arrived. Those who are pressing ahead to be perfect – and who know that they’re not – are those who are perfect in God; imperfect in themselves, but perfect in Him. The greatest saints I’ve known in my life aren’t those who thought they arrived, but those who always want to go deeper – to learn more, become more loving, more holy, more pure, more on fire, more like Messiah. There’s always more to Messiah, and the only way you can be filled up is to never stop filling yourself up with more of Him. Have this attitude that Paul had – never stop pressing on for more until you’ve arrived. In always seeking and finding more of Him, you will have arrived, and in that will be your perfection. TODAY’S MISSION – Press on today and continue on in the perfection of Messiah.” —-An excerpt from Jonathan Cahn’s Sapphires

The Sun Does Shine

“The Sun Does Shine” is a remarkable book about a black prisoner, Anthony Ray Hinton, who spent 30 years on Alabama’s death row for a crime he didn’t commit. I haven’t read the book yet, but my oldest son said it was fascinating. 54 of his fellow inmates were executed a few feet from his cell. He founded a prison book group, which helped the inmates talk about their lives. With the help of Bryan Stevenson, civil rights attorney and best selling author of “Just Mercy”, Hinton was released in 2015. Mr. Stevenson has represented scores of wrongly condemned prisoners during his 30 years of law practice, but he says,”No one has inspired me more than Anthony Ray Hinton, and I believe his compelling and unique story will similarly inspire our nation and readers all over the world.” Hinton said that not one person has apologized and he doubts they ever will, but he forgave them. In his own words, this is what he says about forgiveness. ” I chose to forgive. I chose to stay vigilant to any sign of anger or hate in my heart. They took 30 years of my life. If I couldn’t forgive , if I couldn’t feel joy, that would be like giving them the rest of my life.”

Today’s Pentecost

Angel Armies is a powerful book on how we work with our heavenly helpers, the angelic forces, to accomplish God’s will on earth. Here is an excerpt. “A new outpouring of the Holy Spirit is beginning with fresh anointing for members of the remnant. Although 500 people were told to go to that upper room, only 120 did. The remaining 380 had something better to do. Only those who will do what he said (the remnant) are qualified for this new anointing. Holy Spirit is also coming to energize the remnant by releasing fresh anointing in the fivefold ministry – apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. They must be refreshed and fired up.” ——An excerpt from “Angel Armies” by Tim Sheets