W – With all my heart, soul, and strength for
O – Only the one true God in
R – Reverence
S – Service and
H – Humility
I – In everything I do, may my life always bring
P – Pleasure to you.
An excerpt from “The Worship Answer Book” by Rick Muchow

Billy Graham’s Mantle

“If you didn’t know, Billy Graham’s casket was made by convicted murderers at the Angola Prison in Louisiana over a decade ago…now that speaks volumes of the humble man who knew we have all sinned and need a Savior. (Billy Graham asked that they make his casket after visiting Angola in the early 2000s and seeing the caskets made by inmates.) Bill Yount shares this encouraging and NOW word: I heard the Father saying, ‘I am honoring the inmates who built the casket for My chosen servant, Billy Graham. Their names burned into the pine plywood casket represent a list of names without number that will be recorded in My Lamb’s book of life, as Billy Graham’s mantle falls on prisoners worldwide, including those held captive in spiritual prisons. Many who have been kept by the darkest bondage will now become the greatest evangelists of our day.’ Now that’s a word! Be highly encouraged for the great harvest at hand.” —-An excerpt from The Elijah List email

You Are God’s Address

“The conclusion is clear, you are no longer frowned upon as a foreigner; you are where you belong and part of an intimate family where no one is suspicious or inferior. Your lives now give tangible definition to the spiritual structure, having been built into it by God upon the foundation that the prophets and apostles proclaimed. The first evidence of this building was Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone. In Him every one of us are like living Lego blocks fitted together of the same fabric (conversation), giving ever increasing articulation to a global mobile sanctuary intertwined in the Lord. In Him you are co-constructed together as God’s permanent spiritual residence. YOU ARE GOD’S ADDRESS!”(Ephesians 2:19-22) The Mirror Bible

A Long Life

In Genesis 6:3 the LORD promises us 120 years. “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” Orville Rogers is striving for just that. He is 100 years old and the author of the book “The Running Man, Flying High For The Glory Of God”. Orville Rogers testified to God’s goodness when he was on the Fox and Friends tv program. “God has blessed me with the motivation and the ability to run well”. He holds 18 world records. When asked what he attributes to his long life, he answered, “I’m a Christian and God promises us a long life…. and I keep active, mentally, physically and spiritually. How beautiful!

The World Of 1948

“Mahatma Gandhi is assassinated. Communists take over Czechoslovakia. Harry Truman is re-elected. Stalin rules the Soviet Union. Honda motorcycle is created in Japan. Humphrey Bogart stars in Key Largo, and John Wayne in Fort Apache. V8 juice is marketed, the McDonald brothers begin franchising their name, and Nestle’s Quik is introduced in the US. Into this world, the ancient words of the prophets come to pass. The year is 1948 and the nation of Israel is resurrected, fulfilling ancient prophecies. Life is filled with details that seem to have nothing to do with God or His plans. If you don’t think your everyday world is biblical, just remember 1948. God was working it all together to fulfill the ancient prophecies. If you love and follow God, know with assurance that His hand is on your life. “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose”— even Nestle’s Quik. TODAY’S MISSION – Go through your day today, in full confidence and faith that God has worked and will work out everything for your good.”—An excerpt from Jonathan Cahn’s Sapphires

The Holy Breath

“Ruach” is Hebrew for breath. It’s the most basic thing you need for life, even more basic than food or water. From birth to death, every moment of your life must be filled with breath or else you die. Ruach also means Spirit. So, the Holy Spirit can also be called the Holy Breath. In John 20:22, Messiah breathed on His disciples and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” In Hebrew, He said, “Receive the Holy Breath.” The Holy Spirit is the Holy Breath of God. It’s His breath filling your life, because you need Him every moment of your life. As much as your body needs air, so your heart needs the Holy Spirit. Living by the Spirit is as basic as breathing. You can’t have the joy of being alive without air. And you can’t be spiritually alive without the Spirit. So if you want to be alive, breathe. Get a breath of fresh Ruach. Live, walk, breathe, and rejoice in the Spirit. Stop holding your breath and receive the Ruach. For the Holy Spirit is the Holy Breath. It’s as simple as breathing. —–An excerpt from Jonathan Cahn’s “Sapphires”


Focus means to concentrate on and give total and undivided attention. It is actually the bridge that vision travels on. Faith is focus. That’s what faith does. You don’t want your vision to get off course. What are you believing for, what are you standing for. Pastor George Pearson was teaching on focus and gave this acronym. F – Follow O – One C – Course U – Until S – Successful. Follow one course until successful. What faith vision do you have that needs to be completed? Start talking to it. A paraphrase of Proverbs 4:20-27 is really telling us to focus on God’s words, fix your eyes on them, and keep them in the midst of our hearts. That’s what is called total immersion. In other words, you get away from all distractions. You don’t turn to the right or the left. You are totally focused on your course. The Message Bible says in Proverbs 4:25, “Keep your eyes straight ahead; ignore all sideshow distractions”. Wow! There are so many people that will try to talk you out of your vision or tell, you that you can’t do it. Proverbs 4:27 in the New Living says “Don’t get sidetracked”. It says, “Do not swerve” in the New International and in the Revised Standard it says, ” Let you eyes look directly forward”. Focus builds confidence. Mark 5 Jesus tells Jairus not to be afraid but only believe when the distraction, deceiving news came that his daughter had died. In other words, He told Jairus to FOCUS.

Opportunity In Calamity

“Winston Churchill once said, ‘An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity. A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.” Which approach do you tend to take? Great leaders tend to see opportunities—even in difficult times. They have trained themselves to look at every situation and see what’s possible. For example, the Bible’s King David showed an amazing ability to devise creative solutions for military and administrative problems. It is an ability he knew came from seeking God’s wisdom. My question of the day for you is, “Have you sought God’s wisdom for seeing opportunity in calamity?'” ——An excerpt from Winner’s Way Broadcast by Pastor Mac Hammond

We All Have A Free Will

I was watching Dr. Jerome Adams, the new Surgeon General, on Fox and Friends”. He’s a Christian and there is something very special about him. He was talking about the opioid crisis in America. But this is what came to me. Here’s this beautiful Christian doctor, who is so well-spoken and educated, and he shares how his own brother is in prison serving a 10-year sentence because he stole $200 to support his drug habit. Now here’s two brothers from the same family, one’s a respected doctor and one is a drug-addicted criminal. It just proves how everyone has a free will to follow their own desires in life. So many times people complain of the bad breaks they receive in life and want to blame all their misfortune on the devil, but many times it’s because of the wrong choices they have made. We are responsible to adhere to God’s commandments if we want to be blessed and fulfill God’s calling in our lives, and we all have God’s calling. He has ordained a specific mission or job for each one of us to perform in this life, and He has given us the anointing to do it, whether it’s being a doctor, a pastor, teacher, mechanic or a bus driver.

Helping Others

“Charles Dickens wrote, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another….You know what’s so awesome about thinking about others instead of focusing on ourselves all the time? It’s actually good for us. Forbes recently featured an article that talked about how helping others reduces our own stress levels. Emily Ansell of Yale University School of Medicine offered, ‘Our research shows that when we help others we can also help ourselves….Stressful days usually lead us to have a worse mood and poorer mental health, but our findings suggest that if we do small things for others…we won’t feel as poorly on stressful days. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ‘The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.’ We do this by reaching out, by finding a need, however small, and filling it. It doesn’t matter what person we do this for: friends, family, or total strangers. What matters is doing something outside of ourselves.” —-An excerpt from Tim Tebow’s book, “Shaken”