God Will Not Cast You Out

“God is interested in the achievement of His purpose in my life. This is beautifully taught us by Christ in the example He gives of a wicked father’s interest in his children. He says, “If you, evil as you are, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Heavenly Father give the Good Spirit to those who ask Him” (Luke 11:13). Even as the painter is interested in his masterpiece and will not cast it into the fire, so Our Heavenly Father is interested in us who are the masterpiece of his visible creation and does not wish to cast us in the fire of hell. If you should have had the misfortune of soiling that masterpiece with serious sin in His very service, God does not want to cast you out. If you should have had the misfortune of becoming a prodigal…one who has wandered away….not physically but spiritually from the embrace of your Heavenly Father, he will still have for you the interest of the Father of Fathers.” ——An excerpt from “A Tryst with the Holy Trinity” by Frederick T. Hoeger


Today is the day when we give our mothers special honor. A mother is usually the most important person in a child’s life, and we all know how desperately a child needs and wants a mother’s love. I was blessed to have a mother that loved me unconditionally. Though she is gone, her love will always be in my heart. As I reflected on her love, I realized that my mother always was there for me. She never ever refused me whenever I needed her help or a favor. I could tell her anything and run to her open arms always. As a mom myself, I believe there is nothing like a mother’s love. The most glorious thing about giving birth was first setting your eyes on that bundle of joy and immediately falling desperately and madly in love with your new son or daughter. I remember years ago as I was in a group of women discussing this, I was absolutely shocked to find out that this wasn’t the case with every woman. But just like everything else in the world, people and mothers are different. But a mother’s love is the most beautiful, unselfish love in the whole world. To me, a mother’s love resembles the love of Jesus. We don’t need a special day to honor our mother or grandmothers, but it gives children a chance to reciprocate that love in some small manner.

To God Be The Glory

This story is so precious because everybody gave God the glory. God put Deputy Jeremie Nix of the Marion County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office in the right place at the right time Last Wednesday as he was driving home from his shift. He is credited with saving an unresponsive 3-month old when he rushed the infant to the hospital, according to the CBS website. He said, “In my 17 years of doing this job, that was the most scary, emotional and rewarding day ever. I remember praying, thanking God for putting me in the right place at the right time for the right reason.” On Facebook Necole Cromwell thanked him and God for saving her baby , Kingston, who made a full recovery. She wrote, “I just wanted the world to know how great this officer is, & how GREAT GOD is”. “The sheriff’s office said, “We are tremendously proud of Deputy Nix and we can already see that he and Baby Kingston will have a deep connection that will last a lifetime”.

Don’t Be A Perfectionist

Even though Jesus tells us to be ye perfect in Matthew 5:38, He isn’t telling us to be perfectionists. We can only be perfect as we yield to Him and receive His perfection. Brennan Manning in his book, “A Glimpse of Jesus: A Stranger to Self Hatred” addresses this. “Perfectionist individuals, we find, are likely to respond to the perfection of failure or inadequacy with a precipitous loss in self-esteem that can trigger episodes of severe depression and anxiety….Legalistic religion stresses will-power, and it is this very stress on personal effort that makes the legalist unaware of his real feelings, of his own brokenness, and hence of his need for redemption.… He tends to despise the men and women who are not as observant as he. Thus he elevates himself above the sinner, the outsider, the non-conformist. Because of this self-elevation, this reliance on self, coupled with lack of self knowledge, the legalist tenders himself incapable of receiving divine grace, he does not live by faith.” Salvation or anything for that matter can’t be earned by our own feeble efforts. We can’t have the attitude with the Lord that “I’ve done that , therefore you owe me that”. We should humbly and gratefully receive every good thing as a loving gift from Our Father’s Hand.

You Are Magnificent

These are the beautiful words to the awesome Hillsong worship song called “Magnificent”.

Who compares to You?
You who bring the morning light
The hope of all the earth
Is rest assured in Your great love

You are magnificent
Eternally wonderful, glorious
Jesus, no one ever will compare
To You, Jesus

Where the evening fades
You call forth songs of joy
As the morning wakes
We, Your children give You praise

You are magnificent
Eternally wonderful, glorious
Jesus, no one ever will compare
To You, Jesus, oh yeah, Jesus

No one ever will compare
You’re so wonderful, you, you
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus (Jesus)
No one ever will compare

Back From The Dead

Newsmaxhealth.com reports that Trenton McKinley is being called the “miracle boy” after awakening from a coma the day before doctors were set to pull the plug on him and harvest his organs donated to help five other children in need. The 13-year-old from Mobile County, Alabama, suffered severe brain trauma in an accident and when he didn’t show signs of brain function after several days his parents signed papers to donate his organs. However, he suddenly showed signs of mental cognition hours before doctors were going to turn off his life support systems. “I was in an open field walking straight,” Trenton said. “There’s no other explanation but God. There’s no other way. Even doctors said it.” The most amazing thing is that he had been clinically dead for around 15 minutes, which would cause devastating and irreversible damage to his brain. How awesome is our God!

The Gospel In A Nutshell

It’s amazing when we are watching movies or TV programs, just how many times Scripture is quoted or references are made about Jesus. The other day we were watching the movie, Mom’s Night Out. Toward the end of the movie, Sarah Drew who is the actress in the starring role and Trace Adkins, a motorcyclist named Charles are having a conversation. Sarah is a Mom who feels she is a failure. Trace, playing Charles, tells how his Mom had 3 jobs when he was a little kid. He would wait up for her to come home , so she could put him to bed. He said that every night she told him the very same thing. “He loves you, Charles. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, or how far you run, Jesus will always be loving you with His arms open wide just for being you.” Wow! There’s the whole Gospel message all wrapped up in those 2 little sentences stuck in that little comic movie. That’s the whole most important thing that Jesus wants us all to believe with all our hearts – not know it with our head but truly believe it with all our hearts. That’s the Gospel in a nutshell. It was in a place where you would least expect it, but it was just beautiful and awesome and so very true!

Hope For Prisoners

Jon Ponder found the Lord in solitary confinement in a federal prison. He was listening to Billy Graham share about the prodigal son and gave his heart to the Lord. After his release, he founded Hope for Prisoners. This organization helps those who have been in prison acclimate back in the work place and provides services for them to succeed in their family life as well. It’s goal is for ex-offenders to become a valuable part of society. Jon was honored at the White House at the National Day of Prayer Event last week. The title that ran on this story read – “From Bank Robber to the White House.” Wow! What a beautiful redemption story!

How To Plant A Christian Garden

I found this sweet little recipe of inspiration on a yellowed piece of paper the other day when I was cleaning.There was no author listed, and I couldn’t find it on the Internet. “1) Plant 4 rolls of peas: presence, promptness, perseverance, preparation. 2) Next plant 3 rows of squash: squash criticism, squash gossip and squash indifference. 3) Then plant 3 rows of lettuce: let us be unselfish, let us obey Christ, let us love one another. No garden is complete without turnips: turn up for prayer service, turn up with a smile, turn up with new ideas, turn up with a determination to praise and worship Him and contribute to the spirit of the meeting and not just be a blessing-taker. Water this garden well with the Living Water, the Word and irrigate it on your knees with prayer, and watch it produce results.”

The Trinitarian Flow

Yesterday’s message about the Trinity being a fountain fullness of love as St Bonaventure describes it truly blessed me. Father Richard Rohr gave a sermon about it in which he shared that Bonaventure was profoundly Trinitarian. In that His framework for reality was love itself—always and forever flowing, overflowing, and filling all things. He called Our Trinitarian God a “fountain fullness” of love. Reality is always in process and fully participatory; it is love itself in action, and not a mere Platonic world, an abstract idea, or a static, impersonal principle. God as Trinitarian Flow is the blueprint and pattern for all relationships and thus all of creation, which we now know from atoms to circulatory systems, ecosystems, and galaxies is exactly the case. He also described the Trinitarian love in his Daily Meditation. “God is unhindered dialogue, a positive and inclusive flow, an eternal waterwheel of self-emptying and outpouring love—that knows it can completely self-empty because it will always be filled back up. This is the very definition and description of divine love; all human love merely imitates, approximates, and celebrates this same pattern.”