The Act Of Perseverance

Adam Greenberg in his first major league appearance in 2005 was hit in the head with a wild pitch. He suffered from vertigo and his brief career as a Cub was ended. In 2012, seven years later, the Miami Marlins signed him to a one day contract. He had such a feeling of gratitude and appreciation, and even though he struck out, it highlighted his story. It enabled his friends, family, and fans to connect with his struggles and obstacles and his long journey of overcoming them. He wrote all of this and his brand new book, “Get Up: The Act of Perseverance”. He says, “It was important for me to share my story through this book because I’m not a hero hero. I didn’t sacrifice my life. I am just a guy who played baseball at a high level and had an unfortunate incident happened to me. The main message that I try to share is just a message of perseverance – having a goal and overcoming the obstacles that get in your way. The heroes are the people that can pull from my story and my experiences and relate to what I’ve gone through.”

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