The Meaning Of Being Blessed

My precious son in the Lord really blessed me yesterday morning. He texted me Psalm 112 in the Contemporary English Version. I liked it so much that I pulled out my Learning Bible in that translation. I used to read it years ago but I have been reading the New International Version. Well, it was like I found an old hidden treasure. It is packed with all kinds of nuggets. Here is one of them on being blessed (happy). “Many people today think of being blessed as having possessions or money, and being happy as simply feeling good. In Psalms and elsewhere in the Bible, to be blessed or happy means receiving God’s gifts and doing what God wants done. Sometimes blessing or happiness does involve possessions. For example, having food to eat, a place to live, and a family are signs of God’s blessing. All these things are gifts from God that make life and a future possible. But there is more to life than that. True life means to be connected to God, and true blessing or happiness involves being open to God’s teaching and living as God Wants. Psalm 119:14 says, ‘Obeying your instructions brings as much happiness as being rich.'”

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