A Prayer In The Operating Room

This precious story really blessed me. It’s about 9 year old Austin Blessit, who was getting his tonsils removed. He asked the doctor, who was wearing a frog hat, if he went to Church. The doctor admitted he didn’t but said he knew he should. Then when Austin asked if he was saved, the doctor answered. “Nope, but after talking to you, maybe it’s something I should consider. Austin answered, “Well, you should, because Jesus is great.!” “I’m sure he is, little guy,” the doctor said as he quickly made his exit. After the operation the doctor told his mother what happened right before the operation. Austin said, “Wait a minute, we have to pray!” The doctor told him to go ahead, and Austin prayed. “Dear Lord please let all the doctors and nurses have a good day, and Jesus, please let the doctor with the frog hat get saved and start going to church. Amen.” The doctor admitted that this had touched him. “I was so sure he would pray that his surgery went well,” he explained. “But he didn’t even mention his surgery, he prayed for me.” A few minutes later a nurse came in and said to his Mom. “There’s something you should know. Some of the other nurses and I have been witnessing to that doctor and praying for him for a long time. After your son’s surgery he tracked a few of us down to tell us about Austin’s prayer. He said, ‘Well girls, you got me. If that little boy could pray for me when he was about to have surgery, then I think maybe I need His Jesus too!” Wow, that bold little fellow could sure witness about Jesus. Can you be so bold and do the same? Story by Tina Blessit from “Glimpses from Heaven”

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