The Living Flame Of Love

“When God produces in the soul this act of transformation surrender between them, (they) are possessed by both together. They say to each other what the Son of God spoke to the Father through St. John: All my goods are yours and yours are mine, and I am glorified in them [Jn. 17:10]. In the next life this will continue uninterrupted in perfect fruition, but in this state of union it occurs, although not as perfectly as in the next, when God produces in the soul this act of transformation.
How gently and lovingly
You wake in my heart,
where in secret You dwell alone;
and in Your sweet breathing,
filled with good and glory,
how tenderly You swell my heart with love.
The soul here addresses its Bridegroom with deep love, esteeming Him and thanking Him for two admirable effects sometimes produced by Him through this union….But in this awakening of the Bridegroom in the perfect soul, everything that occurs and is caused is perfect, for He is the cause of it all. And in that awakening, which is as though one were to waken and breathe, the soul feels a strange delight in the breathing of the Holy Spirit in God, in which it is sovereignly glorified and taken with love. Hence it says in the subsequent verses:
and in your sweet breathing,
filled with good and glory,
how tenderly you swell my heart with love!”—–An excerpt from “The Living Flame of God,” by St. John of the Cross

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