Love is Powerful

This story proves what we all know, EVERYBODY LIKES TO BE LOVED, even whales.  I just saw a video on TV where a grey whale pops out of the water next to a very small boat with a few tourists in it.  The whale got so close to the boat that the tourist kissed it.  The whale so enjoyed it, that it popped up a little higher for another smooch.  I also heard about a precious dog that had mouth surgery and was crying in the middle of the night until the owner fell asleep on the sofa with the dog in his arms.  Animals do like to cuddle.  My cats enjoy sleeping on our laps.  We were always a touchy, feely family,  and a small gesture as a hug goes a long way.  We communicate love not only by our words but also by by our touch, our look, or our body countenance.  We never really know what a sincere smile can do to lift up a brother or sister.  Everybody gravitates toward love.   Love is very powerful.