A True Description Of Love

We all know that 1 Corinthians 13 is known as the Love Chapter. I really like the description of what love really is in the Message Bible verses 4-8. Can we say pass the test by truly walking in this kind of real of perfect love?

“Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
Love doesn’t strut,
Doesn’t have a swelled head,
Doesn’t force itself on others,
Isn’t always “me first,”
Doesn’t fly off the handle,
Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,
Doesn’t revel when others grovel,
Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
Puts up with anything,
Trusts God always,
Always looks for the best,
Never looks back,
But keeps going to the end.”

The Whisper Test

“There is no gift like being chosen, no pain like rejection. And when a reject is chosen by someone, life gets changed. The following is from a book called the ‘The Whisper Test’. ‘ I grew up knowing I was different and I hated it I was born with a cleft palette and when I started school, my classmates made it clear to me how I looked to others: a little girl with a misshapen lip, crooked nose, lopsided teeth, and garbled speech…. I was convinced that no one outside my family could love me. There was, however, a teacher in the second grade whom we all adored – Mrs. Leonard by name. She was short, round, happy – a sparkling lady. Annually we had a hearing test.,,Mrs. Leonard gave the test to everyone in the class, and finally it was my turn. I knew from past years that as we stood against the door and covered one ear, the teacher sitting at her desk would whisper something, and we would have to repeat it back – things like ‘The sky is blue or ‘Do you have new shoes?’ . I waited there for those words that God must have put into her mouth, those seven words that changed my life. Mrs. Leonard said, in her whisper, ‘I wish you were my little girl.'” —An excerpt from the book, ” Love Beyond Reason” by John Ortberg (A reminder that you can join Pastor Terri Pearsons in praying for America today at www.emic.tv. at 8:30 am central standard time.)


Is there any hope for a multitasking Mama? Yep. A simple one: follow the Lord’s example. When Jesus spoke with people, they had His complete attention. The Bible does not say, and while He sanded wood and kept watch on a pot of stew, Jesus said… He simply listened and then responded individually and compassionately.… Clearly Jesus put conversations first time on His to do list, ignoring what was politically correct or productively expedient. Nothing mattered more than this thirsty woman (the woman at the well – John 4:9). His disciples got the message. No one asked, ‘What do you want?’ or ‘Why are you talking with her? (verse 27). She got the message too, putting aside her task in favor of talking to people. Leaving her water jar, the woman went back to the town (verse 28). Now it’s our turn to get the message. Relationships aren’t a task. Listening intently is the most valuable gift we can give. And looking into the eyes of someone we care about is time wisely spent. My resolution? Do one task at a time and do it well, always putting people first. Sure, it’s old-school, about 2,000 years old. Thank the Lord it’s never too late to learn.” Liz Curtis Higgs —-An excerpt from “Glimpses From Heaven”

A Prayer In The Operating Room

This precious story really blessed me. It’s about 9 year old Austin Blessit, who was getting his tonsils removed. He asked the doctor, who was wearing a frog hat, if he went to Church. The doctor admitted he didn’t but said he knew he should. Then when Austin asked if he was saved, the doctor answered. “Nope, but after talking to you, maybe it’s something I should consider. Austin answered, “Well, you should, because Jesus is great.!” “I’m sure he is, little guy,” the doctor said as he quickly made his exit. After the operation the doctor told his mother what happened right before the operation. Austin said, “Wait a minute, we have to pray!” The doctor told him to go ahead, and Austin prayed. “Dear Lord please let all the doctors and nurses have a good day, and Jesus, please let the doctor with the frog hat get saved and start going to church. Amen.” The doctor admitted that this had touched him. “I was so sure he would pray that his surgery went well,” he explained. “But he didn’t even mention his surgery, he prayed for me.” A few minutes later a nurse came in and said to his Mom. “There’s something you should know. Some of the other nurses and I have been witnessing to that doctor and praying for him for a long time. After your son’s surgery he tracked a few of us down to tell us about Austin’s prayer. He said, ‘Well girls, you got me. If that little boy could pray for me when he was about to have surgery, then I think maybe I need His Jesus too!” Wow, that bold little fellow could sure witness about Jesus. Can you be so bold and do the same? Story by Tina Blessit from “Glimpses from Heaven”

The Way Of Perfection

“Imagine that this Lord Himself is at your side and see how lovingly and how humbly He is teaching you — and, believe me, you should stay with so good a Friend for as long as you can before you leave Him. If you become accustomed to having Him at your side, and if He sees that you love Him to be there and are always trying to please Him, you will never be able, as we put it, to send Him away, nor will He ever fail you. He will help you in all your trials and you will have Him everywhere. Do you think it is a small thing to have such a Friend as that beside you?…Your Spouse never takes His eyes off you, daughters….Is it such a great matter, then, for you to avert the eyes of your soul from outward things and sometimes to look at Him? See, He is only waiting for us to look at Him, as He says to the Bride. If you want Him, you will find Him. He longs so much for us to look at Him once more that it will not be for lack of effort on His part if we fail to do so…. He will look upon you with His lovely and compassionate eyes….Keep at the side of this good Master, then, and be most firmly resolved to learn what He teaches you; His Majesty will then ensure your not failing to be good disciples, and He will never leave you unless you leave Him. Consider the words uttered by those Divine lips: the very first of them will show you at once what love He has for you, and it is no small blessing and joy for the pupil to see that his Master loves Him.” —-An excerpt from “The Way Of Perfection” by St. Teresa of Avila

Life’s Truest Treasure

“If you would find life’s truest treasure,
Love of heart and love of life
Look to find it in Lord Jesus,
Who is Savior to your strife.
He is where you choose to seek Him
In your heart aches, fears and prayers
And He waits with love and blessings,
That is love beyond compare.”

This poem is by Michael Dubina in the book, “Let There Be Light”, from the Salesian Collection compiled by Jennifer Grimaldi.

Humility Exalts God

“Meister Eckhart also said: Humility exalts God and the more I have it, the more He is exalted and the more gently and sweetly His divine influence and gifts flow into me. That God is exalted by humility, I argue thus: the more I abase myself, the higher God rises above me. Humility is like a well. The deeper the well the higher He will stand who stands on the top. Similarly, the deeper I dig down into humility the more exalted God becomes and the more gently and sweetly His divine influence pours into me. That is why I must exalt God by humility.” —–An excerpt from the book, “Meister Eckhart” by Raymond B. Blakney

Joy Unspeakable And Full Of Glory

“What a piercing beam of light does to a diamond in the dark, so does the indwelling Lord do to a soul entirely purified from all selfishness. Just as one jewel differs from another, so also do those at the contemplative summit vary in the splendors they receive from God. St. John of the Cross tells us that he often describes ‘the most that God communicates’, that is, even in the same stage of growth the Lord does not give everything to everyone. To some He gives more, to others less, to some in one way, to others in another…. Sublime though the spiritual marriage is, growth within it is normal. We never reach a point on earth at which we can say ‘enough’. Just as fire in wood can grow hotter, with fiery flames shooting out from it, so also can our love deepen and flare out….So little of this is describable that we would never succeed in fully explaining what takes place in the soul that has reached its happy state. If this saint would never succeed, surely we cannot. We may remark, however, that the New Testament also declared that the divine favors are beyond human wording. Saint Peter tells his Christians that they have already experienced a joy in the Lord so deep and glorious that it cannot be described.” The Scripture St. John is referring to is 1 Peter 1:8, “Though now you do not see Him, yet believing , you rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.” —–An excerpt from the book,
“Fire Within” by Thomas Dubay, S.M.

Happy Labor Day

There was an article on the internet by the Atlantic Magazine about how Labor Day was established and it was quite interesting. Labor Day was meant to honor not just the individual worker, but what workers accomplished together through activism and organizing. Labor Day in the 1880s was in many cities more like a general strike than a leisurely day off. But unions and the labor movement played a vital role in the creation of this holiday. They fought for fair wages and to improve working conditions, as is well known, but its political efforts was what transformed American society. Organized labor fought against child labor and for the eight-hour workday and the New Deal, which gave us Social Security and unemployment insurance. Labor Day began, not as a national holiday, but in the streets, when, on September 5, 1882, thousands of bricklayers, printers, blacksmiths, railroad men, and others took a day off and marched in New York City. “Eight Hours for Work, Eight Hours for Rest, Eight Hours for What We Will” read one sign. “Labor creates all wealth,” read another. The movement for the holiday grew city by city and eventually President Grover Cleveland made it an official national holiday in 1894 to appease the workers after a huge Pullman Strike. The labor movement’s foundational values of self-determination is what makes Labor Day a typical American celebration, and it shows how when we fight for what we believe, we always win. (A reminder that there will be another prayer conference call like last Monday at 8:30 am central time. You can also hear it on your computer or phone at tv.emic.org. or phone in at 515-739-1539, access code 275432#.)

A Day Of Prayer Today

Texas Governor Greg Abbott set aside this Sunday, 9/3, as a day of prayer for Texas after Hurricane Harvey. Soon after, President Donald Trump signed an additional proclamation for “September 3, 2017, as a National Day of Prayer for the Victims of Harvey and for our National Response and Recovery Efforts”. President Trump wrote this in his proclamation. “From the beginning of our Nation, Americans have joined together in prayer during times of great need, to ask for God’s blessings and guidance. This tradition dates to June 12, 1775, when the Continental Congress proclaimed a day of prayer following the Battles of Lexington and Concord, and April 30, 1789, when President George Washington, during the Nation’s first Presidential inauguration, asked Americans to pray for God’s protection and favor….We are reminded of Scripture’s promise that ‘God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.’…We invite all Americans to join us as we continue to pray for those who have lost family members or friends, and for those who are suffering in this time of crisis….Each of us, in our own way, may call upon our God for strength and comfort during this difficult time. I call on all Americans and houses of worship throughout the Nation to join in one voice of prayer, as we seek to uplift one another and assist those suffering from the consequences of this terrible storm.”